The girls are back in town (oh, baby)

2/19/2012 12:24:00 pm

We went for a drive to Fabric Remnant Warehouse today because it was warm and the car has air conditioning. I needed to buy a stretch twin needle. Just one. One packet, with a needle inside.  I ended up with rather more than that. I tell myself that it's ok, because I'm spending much less on fabric than I was previously on clothes, and also, I am supporting an independent business, which means I am doing my bit for the economy...

Anyway. We also went on a trip to the vet because Rob's coat just hasn't been its usual shiny self lately, and I've noticed that his nose has been a bit dry. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the girls needed to get their calicivirus vaccinations for an upcoming stay at BunnyWonderland (because we are going on holiday!!).  I love BunnyWonderland because they clip the girls' toenails for me, and they appreciate the cuteness of Binky and Mochi. And they deliver hay to my house, which is awesome (I hate PetBarn), and text me pictures of the bunns when I am away. I think the girls like going to BunnyWonderland more than being at home.

 But so, the vet. I think that I was more nervous than the girls were (apart from the general terror induced in them by a car trip). Have you ever seen that poster in the doctor, aimed at fretting mothers who are getting their babies jabbed? "It won't hurt if you don't look." But I wasn't worried so much that the girls were going to be hurt. Rather, I was worried that, in my attempts to restrain them, I was going to get hurt. Those bitches bite.

I was paranoid too, that the vet would judge me as a bad mother for not having the girls de-sexed (it costs a lot of money..), and tell me that Mochi is too fat. I like to think she is just big boned and cuddly, but nothing hurts more than the truth.

Luckily, one bleeding claw-mark later (thank you Binky), I had two weighed and jabbed bunnies, and am now safe in the knowledge that Mochi is not too fat. She just likes to eat ❤ And Binky's no angel.

I didn't even get a lecture about getting them spayed. Win!

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