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2/16/2012 09:35:00 pm

I am being so domestic lately. It's disturbing. No wonder Rob's mother keeps throwing around the marriage comments.

Faced with a free Sunday (you know, as opposed to my usually busy weekend schedule), I had plans. Serious Domestic Plans. First, a big piece of pork, roasted for 8 hours in cider, apples, onions and fennel. Second, a skirt from scratch, ready in time for work on Monday. Like I said, serious domestic plans. 
First: pork.
Progress towards my first goal began early. Not only was I out of bed before 10am, but I was out of bed, putting a load of laundry on, being generally domesticated, and  going grocery shopping to obtain above-mentioned big piece of pork and cider.

All you need is a big piece of pork, some apples, an onion and a bottle of cider. After 8 hours in a very slow oven, something life-changing happens. Both for the piece of pork and the people eating it. 

As a side note, lately, to my great joy, Swedish cider is being imported into Australia. Rejoice. Rejoice! I need to let you know that Kopparberg is more delicious than Rekorderlig, which I find to be a bit too sweet and cloying. Kopparberg also reminds me more of Uppsala, and is therefore, just better.
Second: skirt.
Progress towards the second goal began a couple of weeks ago, when, during an internet-window-shopping trip, I stumbled across this Uniqlo skirt. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy the skirt, because I'm not buying clothes this year, remember? And also...Uniqlo don't ship to Australia... But mostly, of course, the no buying thing...

So I decided I would make it. Somehow.

So, I guess you're wondering how it went?

Well. I didn't finish it in time for work on Monday. That much I'll grant you.

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