Constructive criticism

4/27/2012 09:12:00 pm

I understand the desire to wear fashion tights. I mean... you saw what happened earlier in the week with those polka dot Sportsgirl tights, right?? The ones that I bought in spite of knowing that they would be fattist and not actually go over my ass. I understand wanting to look hip and fashionable and in tune with clothes that are cute and make you look awesome. I get it. Really, I do. Even though I don't actually ever look hip or fashionable. Anyway.

But, and I say this as someone with cankles and bingo wings, sometimes you need to be critical and admit to yourself that not everything is going to work for you. 

It might hurt to say, "these tights look like ass" but actually you are doing yourself a kindness.  When they look like shit on the model, you, as a real person, don't stand a chance.

Again, as someone whose jeans temporarily currently can't quite be buttoned up, there are so many other avenues that will make you feel and look awesome. And look, you can totally get super cute patterned tights that are not BUTT UGLY (they even have multiple sizes which is a bonus; as we  all learned yesterday,  'one size' is a dirty, dirty lie).

I'm just not convinced that white lace tights look any good on...any one...

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