Ways to waste time: making

5/15/2012 11:14:00 pm

Do you have an assignment due? Some uni work to start for a course that began 3 weeks ago? A revised deadline approaching for a project that you reeally probably should have finished already? A pile of sheets, with holes eaten in them by rabbits, that should have been mended by now?

I'm pretty sure you need to channel your energy and focus, so that you can get everything done. Of course, the first step to getting things done is to clean the house. You really can't do anything with a messy house. It's time to change the sheets as well. Ugh god, I can't believe that you've left it this long; if you don't change them this minute and make the bed up with fresh linen, there are bed bugs coming your way. Make sure you find the matching pillowcases, oh, and the flannel sheets, because you can concentrate so much better when the decor is balanced. You'll definitely need to have a sleep, too, because you can't focus when you're sleepy. And when you wake up, you're going to need a snack because you will be hungry from napping. Then make sure that you wash up your plate and cup, because you just cleaned the house, yo!

I bet you're exhausted now, from doing all of those important tasks. You deserve a break!

    1. Well, we did say that you'd need a snack, so why not just make some cupcakes? They're home made, so they're much better for you. They will need some flags on them because..ummm... of symbolism. These cupcakes, with their triumphant flags flying proud, are a symbol for your impending victory over the important tasks that are about to be completed. 
    2. You're going to need some little jars to put away all the precious creams and cotton balls that you no doubt unearthed in the bathroom earlier. I've been oil cleansing lately and I'm not convinced, but perhaps it's because I need to premix my oils in a little jar.. Pretty them up with some labels, but please, for the love of all that is good, don't put anything toxic in the "Syrup" jar... that's got midnight mistake written all over it. 
    3. It's time to buckle down and get your computer out, ready to do some work. While you're at it, you should update your blog with a new seamless background! August Empress, which I stumbled across via How About Orange (which has an entire section dedicated to time wasting!), has a heap of seamless patterns available for freeeee download. No blog?? You've always wanted to start one, right? Set one up on blogger for freeeeee! 
    4. So much to do, so little time...starting to panic about getting everything done! Just chill the hell out and buy some flowers to calm yourself down. They make everything better. Especially if they're in a little jar with a label. It's the right thing to do. 
    It's ok. You can get all that other shit done tomorrow. 

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