What the foot man said

5/25/2012 10:22:00 pm

I went and saw a very nice man about my feet today. My feet are sore, and look like they belong to an old lady, and I've been putting my visit off because, whilst I understand the theory of sensible shoes, I'm not yet anywhere near convinced about the use of them in practice, and I knew they would somehow factor in our discussion of feet.

First up he said that my heels are paining because I've got plantar fasciitis. I was glad he said that, because I had already self-diagnosed and made my mind up about that one.*

Then he said that my bunion *shudder* is most likely genetic, so I thank my family, deeply. He also said that shoes with a heel are bad because they mush the joint, and that shoes with a narrow toe box are bad because they squash the bones. And something about shoes that are cut too low on the toe; they are bad too? I think I looked trite at that point.

Then he put some putty between my big toe and its neighbour, and it felt nice and squoogie, and I think maybe that's an odd reaction? I went home with my putty toes shortly after, and pondered the elusive nature of a shoe that will contain both my toes and their putty.

I am still thinking.

* The foot man did actually tell me how to remedy it, though.  When it comes to solutions other than, "this is a life-threatening condition;  seek emergency medical advice," Dr Google is often lacking.

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  1. Out of curiosity have you tried skechers? A lot of people at work wear them so I thought I'd try them out and they're quite cumfy and not *that* fugly!


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