Campaign trail: causes me pain.

10/17/2005 08:34:00 pm

UTS Student Association elections are on this week, and due to factional and friendship alliances we're over there campaigning for Left Focus. Hmmn, another t-shirt to add to the growning collection of political clothing eh.

It was actually really difficult because all of our people aren't used to the layout of UTS, and it was really hard to know who to even target. I think also, on our home turf we have greater organisational know-how and can call people on their shit. I was a little nervous about vote spoiling because I'm not so firm footed on the UTS issues, and if I got in to a debate with another campaigner I was kinda out-shouted. And the opposition are the crazy left, which is hard because I'm used to campaigning against people who are a lot more right-wing. The weirdest thing was when I got verbally attacked by two opposition campaigners and they tried to intimidate me. I guess I must look meek or something, but they totally picked the wrong person to have a fight with. Then Anita, seeing that I was getting ripped, came over and just started going off at these guys: "Do you realise how intimidating it is for two guys to target a single girl etc", and it was very amusing for me. But that's not the weird part, that bit was just low tactics...the weird part was about 2 hours later when they tried to recruit me to their ticket. Odd.

I drank too much of this caffiene stuff though, and I've sort of been twitchy all afternoon. It was like Thai Red-Bull or something, but it was more like redbull syrup with no fizzy in it, and it was thicker than normal redbull..and had 26 grams of sugar in it, which is quite a lot in 150mls. And the side of the box said a whole lot of stuff written in Thai, but english as well...and I'm not really sure why the word "pharmaceutical" was written there. I feel a little strange now, and I know that for a while I was blinking weirdly, but I couldn't do anything about it.
My heart rate seems to have slowed down now though...hopefully I won't start convulsing later this evening.

Our voice t-shirts are way cooler than Left Focus.

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