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10/20/2005 09:38:00 pm

I realise that this is most likely becomming a boring theme, but we won the UTS elections! Weehee, it's the first time the Student Association has been taken from the trots in fourteen years, and with 60% of the primaries. Yay!

As side note, tonight is Oktoberfest at UNSW, which is the biggest party of the year. So why am I on the internet, engaging in the undoubtedly geeky/nerdfest activity that is Blogging? It's called "I'm fucking sick again, dears."

Yes, I do love my life, especially since I keep getting phone calls from my pisshead friends that go along the lines of "Elllllie, where are you (noise in background including giggling and the sound of someone falling over)?"

Thankyou friends: you are all lovely people, but telling me to come out when I can't get out of bed is just making my day (except for Helen, because you aren't at Oktoberfest and I love you for telling me to go out and get pissed to cheer up for other reasons).

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