Angie makes Coffee

10/10/2008 02:44:00 pm

There are some life-skills that are only useful at very particular moments in time. Mine is wasting the time of others, Angie's is making me coffee (and the creative use of obscenity).
I'm a bit obsessed with the coffee cart at uni, I think my daily patronage alone pays for one of their wages. So they oblige me when I ask for patterns on top of my latte. While Angie's leaf here is quite nice, and definitely better than coffee-cart-Tim's attempt at a New Zealand Silver Fern, I do believe that coffee-cart-Travis' attempt at the Harbour Bridge is still in the lead. Coffee-cart-Tim's attempt at a pigeon (not a seagull) was a dismal failure and we shall not speak of it again.
Angie's failure to come out in the lead for the leaf pattern left her unimpressed. It had been a long day for both of us.

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