Scandinavian Design

10/11/2008 06:09:00 pm

You see, it's not enough that northern Europe is full of the world's tallest, most attractive, slender people. It somehow also got the best design ethic. I am in love with Scandinavian design so very much. If I ever get married, my wedding ring will be one of the Georg Jensen Fusion rings, I am determined.

Scandinavian Designs by e_p

Whilst in Copenhagen last year, JM and I spent a little while poking through Illums Bolighus; think David Jones but a whole lot more upmarket, full of amazing Scandinavian design objects etc. Upmarket as in, it sold cushions made out of baby seal (god strike me down, they felt amazing), and genuine Arne Jacobsen furniture.

JM was waiting for me while I went to the bathroom and decided to sit on one of the display chairs while admiring her surroundings; upon my return we were discussing what our next move would be (it was a visit to the Georg Jensen museum by the way, amazing) when a salesperson approached us and asked if we needed any help in that way that suggests you have lingered too long and now is the time to move on.

Genuine Arne Jacobsen furniture.. as in, she was sitting on Ægget- the Egg Chair, prices from DKK 64,379. ie. the cheapest version costs approx $18000AUD.

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