Awesome Monday

2/28/2011 05:34:00 am

My brother and his girlfriend have been together for a long while, and they’re going to buy a house sometime this year. They’re not getting married any time soon (in spite of the many and varied hints our father threw at them over Christmas), and their major reason for the house purchase is so that they can have puppies.

Real puppies. As in dogs..not children.

The only spanner in the works is that he wants a beagle, and she wants a chocolate lab. I think, apart from "discussions" about my brother's addiction to World of Warcraft, it’s probably as close to fighting about things that they get.

I want to move on from Sydney. I don't care where as long as it's not Sydney or Tamworth. Or anywhere with more bogans than normal people... because I want real puppies too. Puppies, and a garden and walls that I am able to paint. Airconditioning too.  And maybe a rooster and a hen. The bunnies, though they are cute, are not really the cuddly lovers I had envisaged. In fact, both of them hate me at the moment, so there's neither cuddling nor loving coming from anyone.

The labrador is not my dog of choice, because like me, they get chubby and boisterous when they’re not given enough attention. Also, my dog will be one that cuddles on my lap and perhaps sleeps in my bed when I’m home alone… and though I'm sure a lab would be keen to do both those things, 40kg of dogs is not really conducive to doing them in comfort.

I’m am very torn at the moment between a beagle for myself (see boisterous, problems, above), and a golden cocker spaniel. I think we are drawn to the dogs we had growing up, hence the spaniel for me and the labrador for Mike's girlfriend. Not sure where our beagle obsession comes from.

I always want to play with the drug dogs at the airport, but apparently that’s illegal.

At this stage, I'm thinking the only solution will be to get a beagle and a spaniel. They can keep each other company during the day.

Their names shall be Herb and Stella, and they are going to be awesome.

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