Bad for the arteries...

3/01/2011 11:16:00 pm

..but good for the a non-sodium-carbohydrate-saturated fat kind of way.

Pretzels. Dipped in chocolate. 

 Obviously use oven baked pretzels, as they are more healthful... And also good quality chocolate (I used Lindt 50% cocoa), because if you're going to feel bad about eating it, you may as well appreciate them on the way down...

In the depths of doom, when you know you shouldn't because of all the personal trainer hooey and the matter of the extremely expensive gym membership and the general lack of self worth and self-fulfilling loathing, junk food, friendship and a bottle of red wine each can do magical things.

It's even better when you have a dutiful man-wife taking care of the BBQ and making sure that no one is injured playing competitive Wii Mario Kart.


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